Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Thought - For TLC - The Love of Chilli

Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC is perhaps the ebony queen of all men that she greet and meet, Ebony is her skin complexion, and Chilli is not what you feel when you are in her presence. It can get a little hot.

I have read readers' comments on about her show on VH1, What Chilli Wants, her quest to find a man that's true. They said her standards were too high. That she needs to lower it to give men a better chance at her. They are overlooking the fact that she is not doing this for the men, but for Chilli. TLC,Tthe Love of Chilli.

True, this is making her search harder, but why should she lower her standards for any man? Being a man, if I were in her position where I could have a large pool of ladies to choose from, there would be no need to adjust standards. I would not compromise just because I am lonely, and want a woman. Hell, Chilli would not even have to bat an eye, just step out and choose from the many men lined up that wants to be her man. Never so lonely, if she chooses not to be.

However, Rozonda is looking for someone to share her life with, and this is her chance to find her ideal man. A man who wants her not just because she is in TLC, not because she is lonely. A man that will not only love her, but her child, too, and not keep her as a trophy wife. The most important thing, the Last Partner thinks, would be the relationship between her child and this man..

I used to think that she would be ideal for someone like me. Not because of TLC, not just because she is a beautiful dark skinned sister, but for her sexiness. Oh, yeah, plus the fact tht she is shorter than I am, and oh, what fun we would have in places that only comes in dreams. Not a good reason, I know, but she has the things I think an ideal partner should have: dark-skinned, beautiful, a little sassy (has to have a little attitude, sexy, and short enough to, well, think about it. A short, beautiful, sassy, ebony-skinned and sexy woman. Yeah, bay-bee.

So, for TLC, I'd do everything in my power to move the tallest mountain, swim the deepest seas, and travel to another planet in the deepest part of space just to be with her. That was the dream until I got married.

There are a lot of good men out there that would attempt to do these things for her love. Some for who she is inside, as well as outside, and be weary, others because she is a part of TLC. For those that try, imagine if she was not famous, not the "C" of TLC, but just because she is Rozonda Thomas, would you still want to be with her?

I would. The Last Partner would do anything for TLC. Good luck, Rozonda.